*Note: As I’ve imported old posts and drafted/undrafted, the dates have gotten mixed up. Most of these are from a decade or more ago. Not that it matters.

My tagline was going to be “your mother’s blog” because… get it? “This ain’t your mother’s blog”, except, it is. Well, not YOUR mother, but someone who is old enough to be a mother to the current generation. In fact, I am old enough to be the parent of a few of my favorite people these days.

I digress.

I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil. In middle school, I’d determined that I’d be happy living in a crappy little apartment and working as a waitress, so long as I could write. My interests and desires have always changed with the waxing and waning of the moon (not really, but people tell me they can never keep up with whatever I’m into at the moment)… but two things have always remained: my love of learning languages and my need to put words on paper or a screen.

Believe it or not, I’m a trained writer. I was published in college, and an old professor told me that she still has some of my writing saved. But I was too scared and lacking in confidence to make a real go of it… so I turned to blogging.

I created my first website—my first blog— back in 2003. The original intention was to document my move to and subsequent life in Prague, Czech Republic. And though it did document the move and my life, it was more of a confessional, a living document of a toxic relationship and the eventual breakup. There were a couple of breakups, actually – and they were all detailed within. Eventually, I found my way into a rebound relationship, returned to the States, began a long-distance relationship with a man living in the US Virgin Islands… and then, instead of moving there to be with him as we’d planned, I was swept away to SoCal with my now-husband.

It’s been an adventure.

I became pretty absorbed in parenting and this whole new life until I returned to school in 2015. Being back in “learning” mode and returning to the Humanities reignited some old fires. I began writing, creating, plowing through books again. I found myself returning to exactly who I was when I first began this blog in 2003. Well, not exactly – I’m not the party girl I used to be, and just the thought of staying out till 3am makes me feel hungover. But that’s ok. The rest is still the same.

I’m back, bitches.

Because my writing has always been more of a memoir, confessional sort of thing, so I packed away much of my old posts, my old angst, and some of my wilder and better stories once I “settled down.” But as I’ve recently begun going through all of the old posts, it felt wrong to keep them packed away – all of these old experiences are a part of me. It’s been fascinating and wonderful to reconnect to myself through everything here. Most things I’ve remembered, some, I have forgotten. Some have been lost forever – such as the “secret” posts where I detailed the worst abuses of my relationship, the most intense moments of a nervous breakdown in Prague. Many posts are gone forever, unable to be brought back from the wide world of web archives but what I could find, what I had saved – it’s all here.

I also decided to resurrect my old nom de plume; Renée is my real and true middle name and Plaček is my grandmother’s maiden name, also a nod to my years abroad.

This site is my creative outlet – here you will find ancient posts from my time abroad, the time when I returned and fell into a whirlwind relationship with my now-husband, the culture-shock of moving to LA, my travels, and thoughts and writing from the present. Old posts are edited for the sake of editing practice and of simply being written better, though everything written remains true (and I mean everything).

Though posts will be marked as “notes from Prague”, they aren’t meant to tell a linear story. These are my memories, pieces of my story from the last few decades.

Thank you for reading.