November 2, 2008

almost 1 year ago today

Hank & I decided that our anniversary should be the day we met, face to face.  Instead of the day we first communicated or emailed – in those first couple messages, he was cocky from the get-go, I was slightly cold & shooting him down.  He liked my spirit, I was impressed with the way he handled me, completely ignored my sarcasm.

We decided the years would be marked by that evening at the HamFam, eating diner omelettes and cutely named sandwiches (the Hamwich) – I drank coffee, as usual, he dumped an enormous amount of sugar into his iced tea.  (After a couple hours of this, he suggested moving on to a bar and by that point, I already knew I wanted to get into a whole lotta trouble with him.)

So we did, and here we are.  Best trouble I ever got into.

We’re going to Seattle, as I already mentioned, for the occasion, and I’m having a few extra photos printed up, as well as making a little booklet of all the posts I wrote about him when we first met – the good ones, the ones about knowing, almost from the first moment, that I couldn’t be without him.

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