I need to devote more time to:

  1. writing (I have big plans to revamp the blog thing)
  2. knitting
  3. my body (exercise, I mean, though quite frankly… my body is getting plenty of attention these days – perfect new boyfriend and all… yowzaa!)
  4. learning Czech (I have a Czech boyfriend. This shouldn’t be a problem. But in the days of new, you don’t spend much time talking, ya know?  See point #3.)

These days, I’m a bag lady.  Again.  After I broke my own personal vow of not getting into a heavy new relationship yet, I swore and swore I’d keep to my own space on a regular basis, but seeing as I’ve not slept in my own bed for at least 14 days now, I broke that vow, too.  Ah, well.  At least I HAVE my own space yet and logically I know that it’s still a good thing, for my own head and mental well-being, to know it’s there.  Even if I don’t plan on using it.

I finally found a solid reason to miss having a car.  When I met the Ex, I complained about living out of my car.  He lived in Philadelphia, I lived 45 miles away with my parents in the ‘burbs.  We started out with one night during the week, and one-two nights on the weekend.  (Well, there was awhile where I’d arrive on Friday night and leave Monday morning but he eventually had one of his freak-outs about that.  He needed his “space” you know, to have sex with other people.)  Eventually, he started to want me around more and would call me up last minute many times during the week, and half my closet wound up in my trunk.  As well as all my toiletries in a bag.  Back and forth, back and forth. Until I finally snapped and demanded a change.  And then we lived together and it was all downhill from there! Whee!

So anyway.  I miss my car.  Because living out of your car ain’t NUTHIN’ compared to carrying around a half a ton of papers (photocopied material for classes) AND a bunch of makeup and toiletries, some clothing now and then, knitting, and then spending all your free time in the afternoon running to your own flat to pick up stuff you forgot, or unload stuff you don’t need or get a pair of shoes you want to wear later…  And I got nowhere to stash it during the day so I carry and carry and carry ALL DAY.  My back, she’s a-breakin’.  Although I think I’ve solved some of the problems – I keep half my underwear (the pretty lacy stuff that brings all the boys to the yard… can we still say that? about bringing boys to the yard, or is that out now?) at his place, half at mine, I now own two of everything (two hairdryers, two “sets” of moisturizer and makeup and hair brushes), I wear the same pair of shoes every single day (I’m stylin’), and I now carry every folder for every class with me at all times so that, though my back my break, I always have everything I need.

Hmmm… tap tap tap. I wasn’t going to get involved, remember?  Naw, but he’s worth it.  He’s so very, very worth it.  And more importantly, I think I am, too.