November 4, 2006

the rights of women

Sometimes people argue with me, about the merits of NOT living in the United States.  I particularly love when people who don’t even have a passport argue with me, and tell me, “The United States is the best place in the world to live.”  All I have to say to that is, “Have you ever lived anywhere else?”


Well, I have.  I do.
THEN there’s the other fun thing people say, something ridiculous about how the US is the most free place to live, or how we have more freedom than anywhere else.

Oh, god.  Umm… no.
But as always, I digress.

There was an incident, a couple weeks ago, that had me jumping out of bed in a mild panic, with Soldier Boy consoling me and telling me all I had to do was trot on down to the Lekarna (pharmacy) and pick up some pills.

Ya know – The Morning After Pill.

I’m American, I was a little incredulous about this.  “You mean,” I confirmed, over and over again, “That all I have to do is go into the pharmacy, and ask for this Postinor thing, and that’s it?”  He couldn’t understand why I questioned this.

So the next morning, I went to my morning class, taught, and then, since my ob/gyn was a 1 minute walk down the street, I strolled into her office.  There was a new receptionist, who didn’t know me, and spoke only a  bit of English. “Umm… Hi,” I whispered, looking around at all the people in the waiting room. In Czech, I told her I was a patient here, and that I needed Postinor (the name of the pill.)  She nodded, disappeared into a room and came out with a small box.  She told me to take one now, and take the second one in 12 hours.  Then wished me well and sent me on my way.

I stood there for a moment.  “Vsechno?” (”That’s it?”)

Fuckin’ love this place.

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