November 3, 2006

favorite places: an installation

My parents are coming (!!!!) to Prague in 15 days.  (No, really.  The shock of them actually coming, finally, hasn’t worn off yet.)  So I’m making lists and thinking of where to take them, seeing as they’re doing it up American Style.  “American Style” being only for a week.  Crazy Americans and they’re almost non-existent holiday time.  (Did I tell you, I get 5 weeks per year?  And Soldier Boy gets 25.  And everyone here gets at least 4-5 weeks.)

I’m trying to strike a balance between showing them the things I love, that make Prague a home to me – the special places I go to relax or my favorite places to eat, or just stand and marvel at my life – and the places that are a must see for any visit to Prague, plus a couple of day trips outside the city.

There are many places, in Prague, that are near and dear to me, as well as places I miss in Philadelphia, or the places I always make sure to hit when I go to Amsterdam, or will be sure to see again when I revisit other countries.

So I’m going to start doing a regular posting on my favorite places (i.e. in Prague, Amsterdam, Philadelphia, etc).

And to start it off, I’ve recently revisited one of my favorites here in Prague: Cafe Savoy.  To je škoda – it’s a pity – that the cafe is not an antique French cafe from yesteryear, as the decor might suggest, but is actually relatively new and only decorated as such.  But it’s wonderful all the same.  It’s huge, with sky high ceilings and frou frou ambience. But the best part is the pastries, and the cakes.

My favorite things here are the Cafe au lait Savoy – a creamy, dreamy Cafe au lait with a sprinkling of cinnamon.  It’s Heaven in a cup, I swear it.  And it should be paired it with a slice of the Cake Savoy – a scrumptious, black forest-like cake, chocolate with a midlayer of cherry, encased in a sheet of white chocolate.

But you know, if white chocolate isn’t your thing, there’s a million other tarts and cakes and zaviny to choose from.

The location is also prime, in my opinion, nestled on the other side of the river, from the center, by my favorite bridge, Most Legii, in Mala Strana.

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