October 20, 2006

real simple

There are these days when I think, “THIS is why I came to Europe.”

I had a quintessentially European morning that began last night.  Knitting in our usual place – a wonderful little vegetarian cafe with a side room big enough to accommodate the knitting group.  9 girls, 1 guy (learning to knit so that he can make a scarf for his mum, who’s visiting next week), too much food, a million cups of tea and too much wine.  Too much wine while wielding a pair of knitting needles can be a dangerous thing.  (Not physically dangerous, but you talk to much and get silly and wind up either making no progress on your chosen project, or making a complete mess of it and having to undo it all.)

In my way there, I got a message that my Friday morning class was canceling – so I made plans with two of the girls to meet for breakfast.

This morning: a favorite French cafe with proper pastries and quiche and perfect Au Laits, the joy of 2 new friends (one complete with very patient and witty knitting widow – aka boyfriend), and dancing around through Old Towne Square picking on tourists.  Ah, but first I introduced them to Bakeshop Praha where we gorged on take away coffee and cookies.  I bought a loaf of black olive bread for weekend sandwiches.

Then we tromped on over to TESCO (the devil!) for domestic goods and knitting needles before parting ways at the tram to continue our days.

I’m at work now, where people trickle in and ask the standard, “How are you” questions.  Lately, I always say, “Super!” (That’s Czech.) Today they said, “yeah… Friday…” and I said, nope, not because it’s Friday.  Just because.

Tonight I’m skipping out on the toxic friend’s birthday party to hang out with Czechs and listen to Czech punk.  Tomorrow, since the weather demands it, I’m bundling up in my favorite hand-made blue-green alpaca scarf and going to the zoo.

Today I noticed that the week goes so quickly that by the time I have a chance to wish for Friday, it’s already here!  It’s a good thing.  It will be a VERY good thing once winter is upon us.

I should be nervous.  Things this year are going well.  My financial situation – while not perfect – is improving and I’m not in a permanently agitated state about it.  I’m managing on my own.  My mental health is surprisingly …. umm… stable.  Work is good, motivating, busy.  My social life is swimming along.  My heart… oh, my heart.  It’s surviving.

My only complaint?  I’M STILL NOT EXERCISING!  Ha.  I have the best intentions – to use my free afternoons to do pilates. but every time I have a free afternoon it disappears.  Ack.  Well.  At least I’m eating a hell of a lot better than I did last year.

I am deeply contented.

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