October 28, 2002

old blog: orange rhymes

Aaah… I highly recommend checking out National Geographic’s photo of the day + archives.
Photo Of The Day

There’s a beautiful picture of Moscow… and some of France… but I won’t give you a direct link to them – forcing you to look at everything to find them. 😉 Trust me, it’s worth it.

I have the wandering bug again today, as usual. But then, when do I not? I haven’t been putting money away lately, as I should be… but I have promised myself that after we get back from Anguilla, I will. I think I can sock away a fair amount… we’ve been doing pretty damn good at not spending money lately. My problem with spending is that I keep wanting to buy clothing that will make me feel European. heh. Dresses, funky little shoes… hey, I’m a girl, leave me alone. We just saw The Truth About Charlie this weekend, which is why I’m thinking of this again. Thandie Newton (incredibly cute gal, by the way) ran around in little high-heels and tailored outfits. I was jealous. I’m too lazy during the week to dress up, and who do I want to impress at work, anyway? On the weekend… sitting on the couch writing or watching tv in heels and a skirt just doesn’t seem appropriate.

Anyway, I highly recommend this movie… but if you’ve learned anything by now, don’t trust my reviews of movies alone. If the movie has a European setting and there’s a secretive plot, it’s got my attention. Case in point – while I know they were crap, I still enjoyed movies such as Triple-X and Ecks vs. Sever. Yes, I did say I enjoyed them. I didn’t say they were GOOD movies. I just liked the running around with accents is all.

I did adore Charlie, though. Not only running around with accents, but Thandie is cute, and it was romantic. There’s just something about Europe… Marky Mark – err… Mark Wahlberg, was ok. I’ve been impressed with his acting skills so far. He’s ok in this one. Not that he gave a bad performance, it just wasn’t anything overly amazing. Oooh… but there was Tim Robbins. Too bad he wasn’t around too much, either. He’s a tall, tall man. Therefore I want to see more of him. 😉

So, my focus for next year, or starting when we get back from Anguilla (less than a month to go!!!!) is to focus on learning French, and to find the best way to get certified for teaching english – and to do so.

On another note… check out misomusist.com. I’ve decided to open it up as a public forum, for anyone who wants to post work. I’m doing this to keep myself motivated, and to have contact with people who I can ask for critiques and criticism. If you happen to be a reader of this site, and want to submit to misomusist… feel free to submit. 🙂

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